Attar Story

The importance of mythological and epic literature is to tell stories and honor history in the form of legends and tales. We are trying to use some of the Arabic history literature of the South to tell a story and create a brand that reflects the long history of Yemen and delivers the message and impact we want to create through our social business.

One of the legends is about our brand Attar, which has a double meaning. One is the herb, spices, and coffee seller and another is the god of South Arabia or (Ishtar of Mesopotamia).

Attar was worshipped in Southern Arabia in pre-Islamic times. A god of war, he was often referred to as "He who is Bold in Battle" and the antelope was his sacred animal. He had power over Venus, the morning star, and was believed to provide humankind with water. Attar was a god of the thunderstorm, dispensing natural irrigation in the form of rain. Attar also represented fertility and water as essential to fertility. When representing water he stood not just for the act of raining itself, but rather for the useful flow of water after the rain, in the valley, the Arabian watercourse which is dry except in the rainy season.

Water has an important symbolism in South Arabia. It is the symbol of life. Rain; even the storm represent a very important solution for a very big problem. It represents divine justice after struggle. The rain gives water to the dry earth. Without water, there is no life. We depend on the rain for many reasons. The rain also cleans our dirty world. Its water is a true blessing.  That’s why Attar had a very important role among the gods of South Arabia . He was not only the God of war and Justice but he controlled the rain, the source of restoration, as well.

The name of our brand, Attar Coffee, reflects the vision that was inspired by these legends and tales. Attar was the representation of the ultimate revival; the fight for justice and the rebirth that rain brings which have a strong correlation to each other.

We used these symbols to reflect the values of our social business and the goals we want to achieve as a business and which have a social and economic impact.

Through choosing this name, we tried to create a story of a country with a long history and many struggles. A place that has numerous blessings, yet too many struggles. We chose to take one of the blessings “coffee” to not only create a representation of Yemen but to provide the world with the taste and aroma of an ancient tale and help a country in crisis to get back on its feet by itself. We want to tell people to take their history and create their future; to recover from within, through their own resources and effort.